XIII METHODIKA International Festival for Theatre Training Methods

27 Nov – 02 Dec 2018

Berlin, Germany




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Resonance with the School of Jurij Alschitz

Welcome to the next METHODIKA to celebrate 20 years creative work in the studio of AKT-ZENT. This festival will be in the hands of the European Team of Teachers who invites all colleagues who have ever been connected to the school of Jurij Alschitz.

The themes:

Improvisation as creative strategy / Dr. Olga Lapina, Lithuania
Ritual and Metaphysics in the process of creation / Dimitris Tsiamis, Greece
Training as Method: the exercise as a way to the stage / Riccardo Palmieri, Italy
The Actor’s Musicality as a creative source / Christine Schmalor, Germany


23 April – 14 May 2019

Sestola, Italy

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New programme of quantum pedagogy:

“This is a Theatre that knows no notion of time, that bears no questions about the past or the future – it bears only an eternal ‘now’.” Jurij Alschitz

The innovative training project ALthattheatre developed by Dr Jurij Alschitz puts forward a unique perspective on the theatrical world: the Theatre as a holistic entity. Rather than referring to a collection of trends, theories, methods and concepts, the Theatre is an eternal Whole which one must learn to connect with before training as an actor.

The course’s aim is for you to unite with the Theatre and find it within you. Only after having truly felt and experienced the eternality of the Theatre will it be possible for you as an actor to find your own voice and uniqueness within the theatrical sphere.

The course takes place in the town of Sestola in Italy – an idyllic space for reflection and personal development.

Regardless of age, experience or stage in your career, WTTI invites you to apply for this unique opportunity.