The actor should be regarded as the most important theatrical unit of the Whole, one of the Theatre’s atoms or nano-particles. Similarly to quantum physics, this particle bears the sign of the whole Theatre whilst simultaneously being its own Theatre. It therefore becomes a Theatre within a Theatre: a micro-space within a macro-space, a micro-theatre within the field of macro-theatre.

Dr. Jurij Alschitz

ALthattheatre is an ongoing program with a completely flexible structure. It consists of three modules with 7/12/21 days, which are offered during a year and then repeated. The order of the modules is freely selectable. Each module is preceded by an online preparation phase, which is personalized in the dialogue with a teacher.

With ALthattheatre, Jurij Alschitz and his team of teachers invite theatre artists to participate in the completely new concept of teaching and learning, called Quantum Pedagogy.

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30 September – 6 October 2019 Modena, Italy

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ALthattheatre is an innovative project aiming to propagate an avant-garde perspective on what Theatre stands for. This new vision revolves around the holistic principle, where priority is given the Whole in relation to its parts. Through this course, the actor learns to find himself within the Theatre as well as find the Theatre within him.

ALthattheatre offers an experimental education for artists of any age and from any world region. A preparation for the future? A résumé of your artistic life? A break in the midst of your career? Regardless, the project will accept everyone’s application for the chance to obtain a place.

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As a Whole, Theatre does not exist through the sum of its parts, namely its performances, roles, theories and ideas. Instead, Theatre is a single huge living organism to which all these small parts belong to.

As actors, we are part of the Theatre as a Whole, just like atoms make up matter. We belong to the Theatre whilst simultaneously bearing its essence. Anything related to Theatre, whether it be a renowned theory, a large or small performance, an undiscovered actor or an incredibly famous one, all are merely tiny particles within the theatrical sphere and contribute in their unique way to the formation of the Whole. There is therefore an imperative resonance between the actor as micro-theatre and his macro-theatre, and thus a sacred bond is created, a union between the actor and his Theatre.

This conception of the Theatre implies a sense of eternality. The Theatre is indeed an everlasting entity which bears no notion of past or future, it simply lives in an eternal present. This timelessness allows anyone from anywhere at any time to be a part of it, something greatly emphasised by this project: it reaches out to anyone across the globe of any age, gender, nationality or stage in their career. Regardless of our differences, we are all brought together by our resonance with the Theatre and can work together to broaden our knowledge.

ALthattheatre provides you with remarkable levels of thinking, enabling you to build your own “Theatre” and emerge as a unique individual. Only after having built this foundation is it beneficial to learn different methods, skills and techniques to further enhance your artistic creativity.

Jurij Alschitz ⇒The Path to a Holistic Theatre   ITI/UNESCO Network conference 2018 (EN)