The Vertical of the Role

practical lab in

Montecreto, Italy
15 – 26 April 2020


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A method for the actor’s self-preparation

A classic in the European Theatre created by Dr. Jurij Alschitz

Experience the original way guided by Christine Schmalor, and prepare through personal online training.

The focus lies in the independent actor’s preparation of the role. S/he becomes the author of the role; the encounter with the director on the film set, or on the first day of the rehearsal is at eye level. In addition, this method shows the way to the philosophical spiritual core of the character, challenging the actor to create and engage as an independent artist.

The group has started online, and it is possible to join at any moment! Welcome!

VI International theatrical educational forum – festival “Nauruz”

8th to 14th June 2020

Kazan, Russia

Meet artists from different Turk cultures at the Galiaskar Kamal Academic Theatre in international acting courses.

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25-29 September 2020 in Pescara, Italy  

IX International Festival for Theater Training Methods

invites artists – actors, directors, teachers, pedagogues for the unique opportunity to share, discuss, and develop the most unusual ideas for theatre training and rehearsal practice.

The festival format will give to every participant the unique possibility to express unrealized ideas. Most of all, METHODIKA will celebrate the artistic aspect of teaching.

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contact: +39.0854310119 / +39.3334226744