“Knowledge is not simply a question of information transference; such an understanding must be consigned to the past. Knowledge cannot be passed on one to one. More to the point, the contact between teacher and the individual serves to open up and facilitate the discovery of new knowledge, in which both the dialogue and the energy of creativity remain key components in this interplay.”

Dr. Jurij Alschitz

Research project in development

An innovative format for self-education in three phases:

I – Online education

The purpose of this first stage is to encourage a change of mindset, introducing the students to the idea of Spherical Education, leading to a notion of a Holistic Theatre. Newly developed teaching formats and specific tasks prepare students online for the intensive practical phase.

II – Forty days of practical supervised tuition

Over the course of forty days of practical tuition, a team of teachers under the artistic-scientific direction of Dr. Jurij Alschitz guide students towards a ‘spherical understanding’ of every parameter of theatre practice.
The intensive practical module includes new learning algorithms, in addition to applied wave and resonance theory as teaching methods.

III – Forty years of life-long learning

In pursuit of this highly individualised learning system, students construct a personalised method of learning, which, in turn, provides the foundation for over forty years of personal and professional development.

The programme addresses itself to theatre practitioners and to those interested in working with the means of theatre. All ages welcome.

Any individual interested in the topics and course content may contact us.

The Idea

Knowledge of the sphere is infinite. The EXERCISE 40/40 offers a platform from which the practice of infinite knowledge and endless new combinations can be discovered: Spherical Thinking in hyperspace. Knowledge is not a fixed entity, but rather experienced, extended and re-opened again in each and every new moment. Owing to these molten properties, let us call it Liquid Knowledge.

The offered teaching consequently follows the laws of the spheres in the pursuit of Spherical Teaching. Lessons enshrine a commitment to this combinatorial approach, both in content and form, and through the use of a team of teachers, who, by following hyperlinks and group teaching methods harness a diverse range of impulses and, in the shortest time possible, set in motion the multitudinous vibrational resonances of their students. The forms of mediation are based on knowledge of wave and resonance theory and are closely connected with the aforementioned research on learning algorithms.

The learning objectives reflect on the capacity to create novel combinations, compounds and interrelationships. The ultimate goal is to enact a change in consciousness which yields a more holistic, spherical understanding or hyper-knowledge.

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